Should You Move to A Bigger Place?

As I sit by the small plastic table in my living room corner, I hear shouting as my two kids jump on each other. The baby starts crying, and I hear my husband whispering, “shhh… mommy is working”. This is the reality of living in a small 2-bedroom apartment in 2021. 


I have worked from home for the past eight years in a situation that worked well for me. My kids would go to daycare and school. My husband would go to work, and I would sit in the lovely peace and quiet and work. I loved it. I had some flexibility

Love it here

We love where we live. We love our neighbors. We love the opportunities living in this city gives us. however, housing prices are enormous, and our tiny apartment was affordable even if it is a little cramped.; it didn’t really matter.

No Quiet

The biggest problem is that although my husband can watch the kids so I can work, there is nowhere for me to work in peace and quiet. I don’t need absolute silence to get my work done, but I need a small measure of silence to be able to focus.

Should we move?

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Squiggly Line

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