Should I Buy An Instant Pot? 6 Reasons To Say “Nah.”

Should I Buy an Instant Pot? 

Everywhere you turn, people are raving about their Instant Pot. The excitement of cooking a roast in such a short time has everyone in a tizzy. But is a digital pressure cooker really a smart buy? Not always

It’s All About the Meat. 

It’s true. You’ll see recipes for absolutely anything you can think of, but that doesn’t mean the results will be perfect. The main reason you want to buy an Instant Pot is if you want to cook tender meat quickly. If time really doesn’t matter to you, you can get tender meat using your slow cooker.

Instant Pots are complicated to use. 

Here’s the truth. An Instant Pot has a lot of features. After all, it claims to be a multi-cooker. This means a lot of buttons and the need to sit down and read the manual. If you’re the type that has trouble setting your digital clocks when the time changes, you may not be up for an Instant Pot.

Instant Pots take up counter space. 

Unfortunately, an Instant Pot does not have a small footprint. If you like your countertops to stay neat and tidy, an Instant Pot may not be for you.

Want to know more reasons why you shouldn't buy an instant pot?

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