Short-Term Investments: 10+ Best Options to Boost Your Returns

Are short-term investments profitable? Short-term investments are a great way to make money. 

What are Short-term Investments?

A short-term investment is an investment that you can easily change back into cash – such as a high-interest savings account or a money market account.

Considerations to Make 

How Long do you plan to keep your money in a short-term investment? – This is key to knowing the number of years that will help you decide the right risk factor and account that is right for you.

Are Short-Term Investments Profitable?

short-term investments are profitable, especially if you consider the alternative of not doing anything with your money short term even if you decide to put your money in a savings account with a low-interest rate that is still better than earning no interest.

Best Short Term Investments

Short-term investments that are less than two years are considered low risk and low reward. Potentially you can earn around 0.5%, which is a lot better than doing nothing with your money, so of course still worth doing something.

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