Reduce Stress, Build Endurance, & Enhance Sleep

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an Indian herb (Indian Ginseng) known for its adaptogenic benefits; it is a valuable part of Ayurvedic Medicine. (Singh et al., 2011)  


Ashwagandha works to create balance in the body as other adaptogenic herbs do. It helps lower cortisol and reduces stress, and it also gives you energy if you are fatigued. But on the other hand, it has anxiolytic effects, and it increases GABA naturally, which is a very calming neurotransmitter. 

Supports Children’s Cognitions

Ashwagandha’s anti-stress benefits and its cognitive promoting effects helped children improve their memory. (Singh et al., 2011) Stress or trauma can contribute to poor memory function, and children are vulnerable to stress and anxiety and adults. 


Inflammation can come from stress, poor diet, injury, exercise, and other sources. However, many mental health illnesses improve by reducing brain inflammation as well.  

Improves Memory

As mentioned above, Ashwagandha can improve a child’s memory, but it is also beneficial for adults. Research shows that supplementing with 300mg of Ashwagandha twice daily for eight weeks significantly increased memory in participants.  

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