Reading on the Decline? Not in These States

Reading comprehension skills were declining even before the years of COVID-19.  In some states, things are worse than others. 

A new study by online typing tutor, looked at indicators of reader decline, calculating a score for each state, based on libraries per capita. 

New Study

Experts analyzed each state based on a range of factors, including the number of libraries and library visits per capita, Google search volumes for Kindles, and the number of bookstores, to reveal the state with the highest “Reading Interest Score.” 

“Reading Interest Score.” 

Vermont topped the charts with a Reading Interest Score of 37.24. The state has the highest library availability, with a library per 3,819 people, thanks to 164 libraries. Residents make the country’s second-highest number of annual library visits, recording 5.89 visits per capita, while the state’s level of searches for “Kindle” is also higher. 

What the Data Revealed

“It’s fascinating to see how factors like library access and the number of bookstores vary across the country, and how this can impact people’s interest in books and reading more generally. The states at the top of the list all have good access to libraries, and also take advantage of that to make regular visits.” 

Wyoming placed second in the ranking, with a score of 30.68. The highest bookstore per capita ratio was in this state, with five bookstores for every hundred thousand people. 


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