The ‘Bridgerton’ Wishlist: Must-Have’s For Season 3 And Beyond

And so, dear reader, it is time once again to formulate thoughts and hopes on what future seasons of Bridgerton shall bring.

Stick Closer To The Heart Of The Books I hope that Season 3 sticks closer to the heart of the story, and to what makes them work as a couple, rather than padding out their romance with interference from every side character imaginable. 

Include Anthony And Kate In The Intrigue it’s my hope that Anthony and Kate are given a subplot of their own to allow viewers into their lives post-happy ever after.

The Continuing Sir Philip Problem I cannot overstate what a colossal mistake it would be on the part of the showrunners to have their lone, young Black character take her own life as a means to further someone else’s story.

Stop Leaving Francesca Behind With Eloise and Penelope now on the outs — though I imagine this isn’t forever — perhaps now is the time for the two middle Bridgerton sisters to form a closer bond?

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