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Shows And Movies About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom from 1952-2022. Her reign of over 70 years makes her the longest-serving British monarch.

The Crown

Starting with her marriage to Prince Phillip, The Crown explores how Elizabeth goes from Princess to Queen and how she balances her duty to the country with her needs as a person, wife, and mother.

The Queen (2006)

The Queen is a 2006 movie that takes place during the immediate aftermath of Princess Diana’s death.

The Audience

The play focuses on The Queen’s weekly audiences with her Prime Ministers at Buckingham Palace.

This movie shows the struggle of Diana, Princess of Wales, towards the end of her marriage to Prince Charles, as she struggles with her duties as a princess, her failing marriage, and her eating disorder.


A young Queen Elizabeth does make an appearance in the story and this movie, besides being a great watch and a  superb film, is a perfect prequel to the TV Show, The Crown.

The King’s Speech

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