Motivational Books For Women

We all need some motivation in our lives. Here are some great motivational books for women, all written by women! 

Start with these!

Wishwork by Alexa Fischer

Whatever your desire, Wishwork encourages you to visualize your wish, write it, and make it come true.  


The Little Book of Big Knowing by Michele Sammons

If you have ever wondered about the big questions in life, it’s time you curl up with The Little Book of Big Knowing.  


Mani/Pedi: A True-Life Rags to Riches Story by Krista Beth Driver

She left everything behind and risked her life and the lives of her two small children to escape from Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon.  


A Journey Through by Patrina Larmond

This is a personal story of traveling from the countryside of a poor community on Jamaica, the island, to becoming a doctor of pharmacy and learning that success is defined not by what you do but who you become! 


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