Ranked!  Financial Literacy Books for High School Students

Financial literacy for teens 

Some of these books make great graduation presents and can be a great gift for any occasion. Sometimes a book can languish on a teen’s shelf for a while but then be there at the exact right moment that they need it. 

The Teen’s Guide to Personal Finance

This book covers the basics of personal finance and budgeting for teens. So many adults do not know the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing. When read as a teen, this book can help set you up for a life of success.  


My Money Matters: Teens

My Money Matters: Teens is a part of a family financial literacy series. There is an adult, teen, and kids version so that families can learn to budget, goal setting, save, and invest together.  


Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

The book has children divide their allowance (or income for teens) up into jars: “taxes” which go towards something fun for the whole family, “long term savings” which goes to the bank and is never touched, “short term savings” which goes towards a large purchase (like a video game system), and “crazy cash” which the children can spend however they choose.   


Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?

Siegel simplified all of the money concepts and put them in a rather engaging book that explains eight takeaways from 99 personal finance principles. The book is easy to read, which explains why it became incredibly popular among teens and adults. 


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