Ranked!  Best Laundry Detergent On A Budget 

There are so many different laundry detergent brands at every price point, but what’s the best laundry detergent on a budget?

Sun From Walmart:

Surprisingly, Sun was less expensive than the Walmart brand and the least costly detergent found at five stores. It is $6.67 for 188 ounces and 134 loads at $.049 per load.

Purex From BJ’s Warehouse

Shoppers can purchase Purex at BJ’s; it’s available in almost every store. It was the least expensive at BJ’s.

Tandil From Aldi

Mountain Fresh Scent Tandil from Aldi is their store brand; it comes in a small 100-ounce bottle and completes 64 loads for $4.99.

Up & Up From Target

Target rarely disappoints. This Up & Up brand was an excellent product to test.

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