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8 Ways To Play The Game Of Dreidel

Dreidel is THE Chanukah game. This game goes back to the actual story of Chanukah and is filled with symbolism.

Classic Dreidel

Our family doesn’t use money for the classic Dreidel game. We like to use something else instead. You can use either jelly beans, chocolate chips, marbles, even chocolate coins if you are fancy.

Computer Game

This dreidel computer game is perfect if you have someone who is addicted to the tablet or you need a break while frying latkes and doughnuts! This goes double if your kids are off of school.

Dress Up Dreidel

Every person has to pick 4 things that start with the 4 letters on the dreidel. Take all the items and put them in 4 separate baskets.

Do you have teenagers? Then this is a great way to get them involved! The betting works like in poker (I suggest using fake money or jellybeans).

Poker Dreidel

There is no winning in this game but a lot of hilarity! Each time you land on a letter you have to do an action that starts with that letter. No repeats!

Action Dreidel

Drunken Dreidel

For Adults Only. Everyone gets a shot of alcohol and a dreidel

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