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15 Safe-For-Work Gifts For Coworkers

Want to show your morale-boosting, heart-strengthening work bestie how much you appreciate her? Then you need some of these amazing safe-for-work co-worker gifts.

These presents are perfect for birthdays, promotions, big wins or just because. 

15 Safe-For-Work Gifts For Coworkers

A Pair of Funny Socks

Seriously, who can resist funny socks? Socks in general are an all-around flawless gift because they can be tailored to just about any personality and don’t require any complicated sizing.

Yes, we do need more caffeine, thank you for asking.

A Mug and Coffee

If you want to keep it safe for work but still bring some humor to the table desk, then definitely get your best co-worker a mousepad featuring a photo of you.

A Mouse Pad with Your Face on It

Some Novelty Soda

In most workplaces, drinking is off-limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still raise a glass to your office pal.

A Fancy Stapler

You can get staplers that go far beyond the standard Swingline. Swarovski stapler, anyone?

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