Meatloaf is an easy and quick dinner you can pop on the table without too much fuss, and these vegan meatloaf recipes are sure to satisfy all meatloaf lovers! 

I find that cooking a “main dish” that is vegan is challenging to get just right. However, these vegan meatloaf recipes are delicious- they do not taste mushy and are sure to satisfy the whole family, and are very budget-friendly!

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Chickpea Loaf by Conflicted Vegan

Turn chickpeas into a meatless loaf that hits the spot and satisfies the whole family while being budget-friendly. 

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Black Bean Loaf by Long Wait for Isabella

This meatless meatloaf has such a hearty, satisfying flavor and a great texture too! Make this for dinner, and if you are lucky, have a slice as a sandwich for lunch the next day! 

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Walnut Meatloaf by Vegan Huggs

Walnuts instead of meat? Well, that is a delicious idea to try asap! This Mushroom-Walnut Meatless Loaf with Ketchup Glaze is hearty and delicious. 

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Special K Loaf by A Mummy Too

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast with this one-of-a-kind, special k loaf! This Special K Loaf promises to be a great dinner that fills you up with good stuff! 

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Lentil Loaf by My Pure Plants

Lentils are such a great alternative to meat for this loaf. This makes for a really great meatless loaf that the whole family will love. 

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