10 Important Things Not To Be Frugal About

While frugal living is a fantastic way of life, there are some things where it pays to spend a little more. After someone asked, “What are things you shouldn’t be frugal about in life?”

10 Important Things Not To Be Frugal About

Vision Care

“Never cheap out on eyes and teeth. I recently had my first eye issue and spent $85 (no vision insurance) to have a doctor tell me what was wrong. They don’t make exception replacements for those things,”

Dental Care

“There is nothing worse than having a tooth shatter because the cheap dentist you went to years ago did the silver fillings completely improperly.”


Indulge in new hobbies. Just because you’ve fallen on hard times doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life frugally. So read some books or comics that you’ve borrowed, watch some classic films or documentaries, listen to a new genre of music, go on walks

Cooking Knives

“It’s amazing how much more you enjoy cooking when cutting ingredients isn’t infuriating. Of course, you can get by with cheaper pots and pans but buying at least one decent chef knife makes a huge difference,”

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