Rain, Rain, Go Away! Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away! Are you stuck inside on a rainy day? Try some of these fun things to do on a rainy day to make your rainy day into a fun day! 

It’s time to break out the board games! If you do not have board games when the rain stops, scour yard sales, and second-hand shops to pick some up for the next rainy day.  

Break Out The Board Game

A quick internet search will get you craft ideas to suit children of all ages.

Cultivate Their Creative Streak

Your local library is sure to have books of fun science experiments suitable for your children’s ages. 

Stir Up Their Scientific Curiosity

Most kids, including boys, love to cook. There are loads of simple things they can make, and they also enjoy the pleasure of eating their creations. 

Keep Them Busy In The Kitchen

The kids can make their own bowling alley if you have a covered area with a smooth floor and plenty of room. Use large plastic pop bottles filled with water for the pins 

Build Your Own Bowling Alley

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