Preparing for a Baby on a Budget

Preparing for a baby when you are on a budget can seem daunting, but I am here to help! Here are some ways you can prepare for a baby without breaking the bank. 

Congrats! You are pregnant or are thinking of getting pregnant. It’s time to start preparing for a baby on a budget. 

Start Saving

Set up a savings account titled “preparing for baby.” I like to use Capital One 360 because they let you have tons of different savings accounts. This account is your priority. All extra monies go into this account. Everything you can- you should throw here. Worse comes to worst, you end up with extra money, and you’ll dump it somewhere else.

Get Secondhand

A lot of baby equipment is used for a very short amount of time, and therefore, it is easy to borrow or buy used. However, be careful: do your research, as many products are often recalled as safety standards change. We always want our babies to be safe, even if it will cost more money.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need fancy cribs and bedroom sets if you can’t afford it. A simple co-sleeper is cheap and safe. Always look to shop sales and take advantage of any promotions and gift card promotions.

Samples and Freebie

Companies practically throw things at parents who are preparing for a baby. They want you to use their items and get hooked on them and to believe that only they offer the best baby products. So what I do is take all the freebies offered to me.

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