Pokémon Card Value: How Much Are Your Pokémon Cards Worth?

In the late 90s and early 2000s, one pack of those cards cost less than $2. Today, unopened packs can be worth hundreds of dollars, and some rare single cards can go for any price between $30 to $200,000! 

The Pokémon Collecting Craze

Pokémon cards boasted widespread popularity ever since their initial release. But in mid-2020, at the pandemic’s height, fans of the franchise used their free time to reengage with their childhood hobby. 

What Are Your Cards Worth?

A few factors impact the actual amount of money you can make selling your old Pokémon cards. The most valuable cards are, of course, in pristine condition and come from an exclusive set. 

Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy: $150,100

The Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy card sold for over $150,000 at an auction in October 2020.  

Wizards Of The Coast Blastoise Prototype: $360,000

Wizards of the Coast only made two copies of this prototype, which has blasted its value even higher. It went to auction in January of 2021 and sold for $360,000. 

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