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Netflix Cancelled These 14 Shows And We’re Still Not Over It

Netflix is notorious for canceling shows before they are finished leaving devastated fans in their wake. There is something so incredibly upsetting about a show you love being canceled before being wrapped up properly and the characters given proper closure.


This show about a man claiming to be Messiah ended on a cliffhanger. “Yeah, that was a great thought-provoking series,” said one person. “And it ended on such a cliffhanger too,” remarked another.

Archive 81

After someone mentioned Archive 81, a person posted, “Yep, had me hooked from the first episode; it was a slow burn that kept taking your further down the rabbit hole, plenty of mystery and mythology to last 3-5 seasons, what a shame.”

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Many commenters agreed that Teenage Bounty Hunter’s cancellation was upsetting. One person said, “I wish the creators would at least put out a book or graphic novel! It’s killing me wondering what was going happen to them.”


Many Redditors were upset about this cancellation. “It was so effing good and I was so excited for Season 4. When they cancelled it, I was so mad I almost cancelled Netflix,” one person said.

One person said, “Yep, extremely low budget too and they canned it, wtf man.” Many others agreed, “Great show. So sad to see it go.” This show is very popular and on many of our other lists.

Santa Clarita Diet

This was canceled the week it won an Emmy? What?! One person wrote, “Cancelled the week it won an Emmy. WTF NETFLIX. I know they got them puppets just sitting somewhere. Free the Gelfings!”

The Dark Crystal Series

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