Need Lunch Ideas for Work? Check Out These Healthy Options

Sandwich Ideas for Work

I know you are thinking that taking a sandwich to work is pretty dull, but these sandwiches are not the PBJ’s of your childhood. Not only is each one easy to make and pack up, but they are incredibly delicious (and easy to eat on the go!).

Wraps for Lunch

Wraps are the new sandwiches! Enjoy a delicious wrap for your work lunch. 

Salad Lunch Ideas for Work

Salads are the quintessential lunch food because they are delicious cold (if you don’t have a microwave in the office or if you eat in your car). 

Perfect Meal-Prep Bowls to Take for Lunch

Move over salads! Meal prep bowls are taking over the lunch scene! 

Want all the recipes and even more awesome work lunch ideas?

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