Nature Abhors a Vacuum: The Money Edition

Any absence of a regular or expected person or thing will soon be filled by someone or something similar. Based on Aristotle’s observation that no true vacuums exist in nature (on Earth) because the difference in pressure results in an immediate force that acts to correct the equilibrium.

Don’t Create a Vacuum

Diving headfirst and committing totally to a new lifestyle usually doesn’t work. Becoming extreme right away works for a short amount of time and then fails spectacularly. This type of behavior is part of the reason why I don’t recommend No-Spend Days. Creating a vacuum in your finances

Start Slowly

Start with one thing. Not all the things. Don’t go all scorched earth on your new project. Instead, decide to cut or focus on one thing only.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Cut one negative thing from your life but add one positive thing to replace the underlying need. For example, cut out buying lattes but make yourself delicious coffee at home.

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