My Top 7 Favorite Woodworking Projects

Here are my seven favorite woodworking projects I have made over the years and the tools required to complete them. Some require the use of several expensive tools, while others require only hand tools or a miter saw and a drill. 

Planter Box

Planter boxes are one of my favorite popular woodworking projects. They require a minimal amount of tools and can be completed in only a few hours. You can even have your wood cut for you at a home center store, so all you have to do is assemble the pieces when you get home.


Making a birdhouse is a great wood project to make with your kids or if you’re brand new to woodworking yourself. You can make a lovely cedar birdhouse from start to finish using mostly basic, inexpensive hand tools.

Cutting Board

Making a cutting board is one of the quintessential DIY project ideas for woodworking beginners. It is for a good reason, though, as a quality hardwood cutting board is always helpful around the house, makes for a great gift, and sells well online or at craft shows.

Picture Frame

Making a picture frame is another one of those easy-to-complete projects that can go from start to finish in just a few hours. We have several pictures around the house in frames, both with and without glass, that I have built over the years.

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