My $12 Vanity Trip and How I Bought Myself a Kid’s Toy

I learned a lesson on my family vacation.

I felt Bad

We had brought some sand toys for our kids to play with, but as soon as we got to the crowded beach we noticed that most of the kids in the water had various inner tubes to play with in the water. We hadn’t brought anything for them to play with IN the water- just for outside the water.

So I bough them Tubes

We didn’t want to spend any more money on this vacation than we had to, but we decided to buy these tubes or some floaty toy. We stopped at a small store on the way to the beach, and I jumped out without telling my kids what I was getting.

But.. They Didn't Want Them

Suffice it to say, the excitement level just got lower as we blew them up. One kid flat out refused to carry it to the water from the car, “I don’t want to play with it.” The other brought it to the water and promptly left it next to the towels. We convinced him to play with it for a total of 30 seconds.

It was me

Was I projecting my disappointment on my children? Was it possible that I was the one giving longing looks at the fun of the inner tubes, not them? Was it possible that the “game face” I had put on was totally and completely unnecessary, and my kids were enjoying themselves perfectly fine?

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