Money is Power

Why is personal finance so important? Why do I spend so much energy trying to educate people about their money and so much time optimizing my own finances? Money is power. Money gives choices.

Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

The root of many of our issues, from the pandemic to the race issues comes from power. The gap between those in power and those who don’t have power has never been more noticeable. Those who are in power are increasingly making decisions that affect those that don’t have power and they don’t have everyone’s best interest in mind.

How do we opt out? How do we take back control of our own lives? How do we make sure that we are not overly affected by political edicts and the whims of those in power? How do we buffer ourselves from the extremes that are rocking our world?

While excess money can give you power over others, having a good handle of your finances and ENOUGH money gives you power over yourselves. Money gives you choices. Choices give you power. Money is Power.

Money gives you Choices

With money, you can choose to stay at a job or quit. With money, you can choose to live somewhere or choose to move. With money, you can choose to support organizations you believe in. With money, you can influence policy decisions at all levels of government. With money, you can afford an education that moves you up the social and political ladder.

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