Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Here are 6 Things Money CAN Buy

“Money can’t buy happiness.” It is that cliche saying that many people tell you.

What are Things That Money Can’t Buy?

Indeed, money can’t buy happiness. In this media advertisement world, we are sold many things that should bring us much pleasure, but they don’t. Here are some other things money can’t buy.

Money Can’t Buy Relationships

Relationships are built on trust. It takes time to cultivate relationships. It would help if you dedicated time, patience, and many other things to create a relationship with people.

Money Only Provides Temporary Happiness

This temporary feeling is that instant gratification feeling that we have when we buy things. A sudden rush from dopamine gives us elation, but as that feeling and the dopamine drops off, we must buy something else to create a new rush.

What Can Money Buy Us?

Money may not be able to buy us happiness, but it can buy many things that give us items that will bring joy into our lives.


Money is something that can provide security in our lives. If you never had money problems or struggles to keep money, it will bring great stress into your life. 

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