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“Moms, It’s Your Time”: 13 Self-Care Hacks Now That School’s Back In Session

What gets lost for many moms during this time is the need for some self-care. So here are some great ways to maintain your physical and mental wellness while the kids return to school.

Add This Protein Powder To Your Morning Ritual!

Adding a protein powder like Ella’s Vanilla Beauty Protein Powder into your daily beauty routine is a great way to feel better.

When the kids return, take some time each day to get outside for physical activity or just a plain old walk. Not only will you feel better, but that little bit of exercise each day will help you sleep better too.

Get Some Fresh Air

On that whole sleep thing, now that the kids are out during the day, the house should be much quieter. Take a nap during the day to recharge your batteries so you are ready for pick-up time.

Take More Naps

Reconnect With Friends

Your gal pals are likely in the same situation as you and looking to reconnect. With all the spare time in the day, why not take some time for each other. The kids are seeing their friends again at school, so why can’t you too?

Catch Up On Your Favorite Shows

If the kids tend to dominate the remote and there are not enough hours in the night to watch your favorite TV shows, then now is the time to reconnect with an old friend – the TV!

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