Life Happens: Be Prepared

Our Stove Broke. It's  a pretty expensive fix. Luckily, we have an emergency fund!

This is what the emergency fund is for! This is pretty much the definition of an emergency: we can’t push this off , we can’t skimp on the repairs, and we can’t DIY since the gas company will need a licensed and insured technician to sign off on the appropriate repairs. 

Luckily we have an Emergency Fund!

The fact is, you can’t really budget for every eventuality. If we did have an appliance repair line item in our budget- we would have maxed it out a while ago as, for some reason, all our appliances are needing major repairs this year. I don’t really see the point in budgeting for so many different eventualities.  

Should I have Budgeted for this?

You need a "Life Happens" Fund

You don’t need to call it an emergency fund. You can call it an “Inevitable Fund.” You can call it a “Life Happens” fund. You can call it the “All the Things I can’t Budget for because I Am Human” fund. The point is the same: it’s a fund for things that come up unexpectedly. 

Life Happens Fund

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