Kid’s Products Moms And Kids Will Both Love

Here are some of the products that I used this summer to keep my kid’s entertained! 

I’m The Chef Too!

I’m The Chef Too! is a subscription kit created by a mother/educator that infuses educational concepts into recipes to make learning fun, engaging, and tasty! 

Tulip Color Crafts- Tie Dye Kit

As a parent, I loved that the tie-dye kits came with plastic gloves and rubber bands, making it easier to quickly set up the project. 

Creative QT- LilGadgets Headphone

The problem is that when two kids want different music, and mommy needs a bit of quiet…. grab these headphones and have the kids dance away and you don’t need to hear a thing!! 

Earth Baby

When we got this in the mail, my kid told me to write, “Kids love this!” These non-toxic and gentle products are great for babies and kids. 

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