Jonathon Bailey Has Exciting News About Bridgerton Season 3

Calling all Kanthony fans! Jonathon Bailey and Simone Ashley have just shared some very exciting news!

As avid fans know, Bridgerton officially announced that they are in production for season 3 with a video showing many of the cast holding up two fingers and then three.

Eagle-eyed fans might have been nervous that the new Viscountess Birdgerton was not making an appearance on the video, despite Ashley’s confirmation that she would be joining Season 3.

But now fans can rest easy! Jonathon Bailey shared a beautiful image of him and Ashley’s hands, along with the caption “#kanthony reunited. Season 3”.

Fans of the so-called “Kathony” couple have reason to be nervous about the amount of time they will see their beloved couple on-screen.

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