It’s Time to Organize Your Life

Whether you are in lockdown or under a stay-at-home order, you can use this time to get your life organized! 

Organize Your Life and Finance

This also applies to the big stuff- forgetting to pay a bill, not being on top of the car, or home maintenance.  

The Sweater Debacle

I just was about to order some sweaters for my boys for the winter. Not an excessive amount of money because I’m a frugal shopper but not a significant amount either. 

Set Up a System

Money Saving Tips for the Organized Person

To take control of your finances, you have to take control of your life first. 

I wrote about doing a spring cleaning, Passover time. That was a de-cluttering time to get rid of all the stuff that bogged me down.  

I Love FlyLady

Now I am thinking of getting started on the FlyLady program again. I read her book a million times, and I love her systems, but I keep on having to restart them. 

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