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It’s Time To Organize Your Life

Organize your life and your finances and save money!

Organize Your Life And Finances

This also applies to the big stuff- forgetting to pay a bill, not being on top of the car, or home maintenance. When you are always just trying to keep up with yourself, it’s hard to remember or do all the small things, like emptying the dryer lint.

The Sweater Debacle

I just was about to order some sweaters for my boys for the winter. Not an excessive amount of money because I’m a frugal shopper but not a significant amount either.


Imagine my surprise when I found some sweaters I had purchased last year for my boys on clearance. Not only had I forgotten them, but they were stuffed into an unlabeled box with lots of new baby clothes.

A lot of money-saving hacks only work if you are organized. If your life is organized, you can shop on sale and out away for next year. If your life is organized, you can meal prep for the week.

Money Saving Tips For The Organized Person

There are a few systems in my life that I am trying to implement and some that I already have implemented.

Set Up A System

To take control of your finances, you have to take control of your life first.

I Love FlyLady

I read her book a million times, and I love her systems, but I keep on having to restart them. Now is the beginning of the year, I think that now is the perfect time to start getting organized again.

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