Is Lady Whistledown Expanding Her Reach?

Currently, Lady Whistledown, voiced by Julie Andrews, is the narrator and voiceover of Netflix’s hit show, Bridgerton.

Fans of the show found out at the end of Season 1 that Lady Whistledown is none other than Penelope Featherington, a wallflower who takes her frustration and powerlessness out on the Ton with her anonymous writings.

Now, we have learned that Julie Andrews will be acting in a voiceover capacity in Bridgerton’s spin-off, which is meant to take place BEFORE Penelope is even born.

What does that mean for Lady Whisteldown’s fate? Will the series change the character of Lady Whistledown? Will Lady Whistledown be just a few words in the prequel?

So far, Netflix and Shondaland have released no information about the role of Lady Whistledown in the prequel series.

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