Invest in LEGO? How I Taught My Kids to Invest

“I wish I didn’t start investing so early,” said absolutely no one ever. 

Get Their Interest: Invest In Lego

Countless sources suggest buying a kid-friendly stock like Disney or Nike to teach kids how to invest. However, after spending the summer learning about alternative investments to diversify our personal portfolio, my husband and I opted for a different teaching method. We decided to purchase collectible LEGO sets.


With collectibles, the idea is simple: You buy something, it goes up in value (hopefully), and then you sell it for a higher price than you bought it. This is easier to understand for our young kids.

LEGO as an Investment Vehicle & Teaching Tool

Why invest in LEGO sets? My kids are crazy about LEGO – that was the main draw. Luckily, in terms of a financial tool, some LEGO sets also fit the bill for strategic investments.

Teach Kids How to Invest with Our LEGO Strategy

The strategy was simple. Identify LEGO sets that we think will go up in value, buy them, store them in a safe spot, and in a few years sell them for, hopefully, a profit.

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