How To Teach Kids About Money

You might be wondering, “When is the right time to begin teaching kids about money?” and the answer may surprise you. As soon as your child starts to speak, you can start introducing basic financial concepts! 

Make teaching kids about money a part of your routine

My dad would sprinkle money moments throughout our day. By providing information in small pieces, he was better able to teach me fundamentals without losing my attention. 

How to make a visit to the bank fun for kid

You can teach your kids how to write a check, fill out a deposit slip, and go over budgeting basics.  

How to start teaching kids about money by using a candy bar

He had me calculate how much each candy bar would cost if we bought it in bulk versus the price we saw at the store.  

Teaching kids about money by starting a busine

I started my first business when I was around 10 years old! My dad convinced me to buy a gumball machine to place in our family’s ice cream store. 

Starting a Gumball Machine Business!

Starting a kid’s gumball machine business is fun because you learn many business principles without having to be physically present! 

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