How to Save Money on Food

With inflation surging, choosing to eat more plant-based meals will save you more money than any coupon or money app can. 

Trying to Cut Food Costs?

Trying to cut down on food costs? Switching to a plant based diet will save you the most money.

Plant Based-Food

The most significant switch was considering plant-based food as a main dish instead of animal-based foods. This switch means that instead of eating meat, chicken, fish, or cheese as a main dish, we switched to eating various beans and tofu as the main dish.

No Need to be Vegan

We don’t do this for ideological reasons. We still eat a lot of animal-based food- we just cut down a lot. I still drink milk with my coffee, and my kids still eat yogurt. We still eat meat occasionally. However, we eat much less cheese, fish, chicken, and meat.

The Cost-Savings Analysis

Please think of the cost for a minute: Let’s say that chicken is $2.99 a pound. (prices vary wildly on location, obviously). Beans are for a pound. Look at the cost savings in that! Add in the fact that beans are considered much healthier for you than chicken, and you have a winner!

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