How to Save $1,000

Your first goal should be to save $1,000. Do this and you’re ahead of many Americans. Save whatever you can to make this happen. You will change your life.

Do you have $1,000 in savings?

Are you struggling to get ahead? Do you feel like you work hard but never seem to make a difference in your finances? It seems like every day is a juggling act and no matter how hard you work or how many pennies you pinch or how many dimes you stretch you never seem to gain any traction. 

The only way to step out of this cycle and actually get ahead is to have savings. Real savings. Having money set aside- first for emergencies, then for life, then for investing- is the way to get out of the rut of paycheck to paycheck living. 

How do you start changing your financial life?

Change your life

$1,000 Savings Challenge


This is where a money-saving challenge comes in. a money saving challenge is a pressure situation that we create ourselves to make change happen. We don’t need a negative external force to push us to create our own positive external or internal force. 

Why are Money Saving Challenges so Effective?

Humans like to succeed. They want to be successful. Taking a money saving challenge feeds right into our desire to be successful at something. There is immediate positive feedback.  

Money Saving Challenges are Successful

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