Calm Down Jar: How to Make and Use a Glitter Jar

Do your kids ever get upset and angry? 

One of the very many ways we can calm down is by using a physical item that helps us calm down by focusing on something other than our anger and by helping us learn to regulate our breathing.

When a child (or an adult) is frustrated and angry, they can take the jar and shake it. While watching the glitter swirls around, they can do one of two things: 


1. Watch the flakes swirl.  When you focus on something other than your intense emotions, your anger slows, and your negative feeling slows down. This can help you calm down. Once you are calm, you are much more readily able to think through the problem with logic rather than emotion. Doing this can help you focus on solutions rather than the problem.

2. Regulate Breathing.  While the glitter is swirling and settling, you can practice timing your breathing to the movements in the Jar. Taking deep breaths and then releasing them is a very effective calm-down tool and can help with frustration and pain management.

Want to know how to make one?

I made one with my kids. You can see it on the next page!

Want to know how to make one?

Squiggly Line

Click here for the instructions!