How To Have Family Fun On A Budget

Fun family outings are becoming more and more expensive. With a bit of creativity, though, you can have a good time and entertain the kids without breaking the bank.

Are you looking for family fun on a budget? Want some free family activities to try? 

Play a Board Game

Get out the board games! Play board games with your kids that are very easy and require no reading or math skills, such as Pretty Pretty Princess.

Go Bowling

Turn the hallway into your own personal bowling alley! Clean out and save 2-liter bottles to serve as bowling pins, and use a small ball your kids already have. This activity is completely free and a fun break from the norm.

Try Origami

Research origami online or get a book from the local library. Kids will have a blast turning their paper into birds, windchimes, and frogs.

Go To The Beach

If you live anywhere near a beach, go to the beach and have a great day. Take the kids and dig in the sand, create sandcastles. Go swimming, try wakeboarding, fishing, and shell collecting.

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