How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living (And Work) Room

Backyarding became a way of life as lawns, gardens, patios, and decks evolved into outdoor offices, classrooms, family gathering places, and the new ‘hot spots’ in our neighborhoods.

Create Activity Zones.

A shady table can double as a home office, study zone, art table, or dining spot. A hammock or outdoor sofa can suffice for napping, reading, or studying.

Factor Functionality With Purpose

Note where electrical outlets are and if you need an outdoor-rated extension cord to accommodate all of the electronics used outside.

Spruce Up Existing Landscaping

Assess the backyard and do some basic “clean up.” Fix bare patches in the grass. Use a leaf blower to clean out flower beds.

Use Plants And Shrubs To Hide Unsightly Items And Control Noise

Trees, shrubs, and bushes offer cover from neighbors, deliver shade, camouflage unsightly pool equipment, and air handlers, and tamp down the noise

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