Before you can build your wedding registry, we thought it might be helpful to share what to look for when choosing where (and how!) to register.  

Building your wedding registry is meant to be fun and helpful. Like nearly every other aspect of wedding planning, there truly aren’t any rules. Toss aside any ideas about what you “should” add to your wedding registry.

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Plan to register early

Shortly after you get engaged, some of your friends and family may want to present you with a gift. This is especially true if you’re having an engagement party. To prevent the moment when you receive an item you don’t want, consider building your registry in advance of any pre-wedding events, so you (or the host!) can direct your loved ones to the exact gifts you would love to receive. 

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Easy to Navigate

When you think about websites that you click away from fast, what comes to mind? You’re likely remembering a site that was confusing to navigate or slow to load. Plan to avoid both when you’re choosing where to register. Both younger and older guests love the ease, and you want them to enjoy their gift-giving process.  

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Online and In-Person

Some guests love the ease and convenience of shopping online, while other guests enjoy visiting retailers and shopping in person. We will note, there is something about seeing the items you’re asking to receive in real life rather than on a screen. Consider attempting to appease both types of shoppers by registering with retailers that guests can shop either way. 

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Consider retailers that guests frequent

Brand loyalty is a big thing for a reason – we like to shop at specific places because we trust specific retailers. So, consider the retailers your guests frequently mention. Then keep ages in mind. Younger guests will likely know about newer online retailers, and they’ll be comfortable purchasing from them. 

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Include multiple registries

Very few people purchase everything from the same store, so you will likely feel pulled to register with more than one retailer. Go right ahead! But, make sure the items you register for do not overlap at various retailers. 

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