How To Be Frugal Without Being Cheap

Don’t Buy Overly Cheap Gifts

While you may love buying things from thrift stores or regifting items-don’t do so in an overly visible way for your friends and family. Even if you score an awesome find as a gift, don’t let them know how little you paid for it or whether you got it for free.

Buy Quality Products

You can adjust with a cheap brand when it comes to your clothes or footwear, but you need to look at the quality over cost when it comes to home appliances.

Don’t Skimp on the Bill

It’s great to save money so you can suggest something free or cheap, but once the decision has been made, don’t haggle on the bill.

Tip Well At Restaurants

Order fewer dishes but definitely tip well. Waiters work hard and often rely on tips to make ends meet.

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