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How To Avoid Student Loans: My Personal Story

Student loans are a huge problem in the U.S, and many students should be looking for ways to save money on college tuition.

I managed to graduate without taking out any student loans, and I want to share how I did it so you can see if any of these ways work for you. Even if you still need to take out some loans- any bit you save on college tuition can save you a lot of money in interest down the road.

How To Avoid Student Loans

HOPE Scholarship/In-State School:

I grew up and went to High School in Georgia, which made me eligible for the HOPE scholarship. I had to attend an in-state college which limited the colleges I could even consider.

Since I went to an in-state college, I decided to live at home rent-free for most of my college career.

Living At Home

I got a job before I even started college. It was not easy and quite stressful at times. I was lucky enough to be able to arrange my school schedule to accommodate work and vice versa, but there were times where I was running back and forth


Summer And Mini-Mester

Since I worked in a school during the year, I took advantage of the summer semester to double up on my classes. I took 24 credits.

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