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How Budgeting Saved My Marriage

When I got pregnant with my first child, we knew we had to save money.

We had been bopping around before then, putting money on credit cards and paying it off, taking some money and putting it into savings, taking it out again.

We WANTED to save money, but there never really seemed to be any money at the end of the month to put away.

When we realized we needed to save more money for the baby, we hit a snag.

I am naturally frugal and have an easier time, just NOT spending money. My husband is not a big spender, but he occasionally buys a coffee, a danish, a pricey ingredient at the store.

As we continued to bicker, I became more controlling, and he became more defensive

We had become something that we both didn’t want to be: A COUPLE THAT FIGHTS ABOUT MONEY.

All our interactions were becoming about money, and the “SAVINGS” was a big, black cloud that hung over our marriage.

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