How to Have a Balanced Approach to Money

Money is a tricky topic. On the one hand, money is power, but on the other hand, money is not the goal. It can be challenging to have a balanced approach to money.  

Money is Complicated

Money is one of those things that tend to attract extremist views. Since it’s such a loaded topic, there are so many emotions attached to it. There is so much guilt, shame, and desire all wrapped up in this topic. Money is so important to our lives, so when we start working on “fixing” our finances, it is easy to go into a tailspin trying to make changes. 

Be Wary of Extremists

Some personal finance personalities encourage this type of thinking and behavior. Their whole business model is based on encouraging people to go scorched earth on their finances. They scream and shout and shame people into eliciting strong emotions (and then sell them things). 

Creating A Balanced Approach to Money

It’s overwhelming to start. Whether it’s a project of saving money (Have you signed up for the $1000 savings challenge yet?) or paying down debt, or just getting a better handle on your finances, this is particularly true when you have a lot of big expenses that pile on one after the other. 

Focus on One Thing

Pick one thing to focus on right now. Start with one thing. Not all the things. Don’t go all scorched earth on whatever it is. Decide to cut or focus on one thing only.

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