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Hate Doing Returns? You Are Not The Only One

Two in Three Americans Believe the Worst Part of Shopping is Returning Unwanted Items, According to Survey Commissioned by Slickdeals

Sixty-six percent of Americans believe the worst part of the shopping experience is going through the return process.

67% hate returning items they previously purchased, and two in three claim it’s the worst part of the shopping experience.

For 43%, returning things in person is worse than doing so online. The most hated parts of in-person returns are having the person in front of them escalate the situation (39%), getting managers involved in their returns (32%), and having to travel to the store (32%).

Meanwhile, 29% think returning items online is more complicated. The most hated parts of online returns are paying for shipping (42%), having the item lost or not arrive at its destination (39%), and traveling to the post office (37%).

Results also found that people would instead give things they bought away (50%), keep them as a backup (36%) or resell them (29%) instead of returning them.

TOP 5 ITEMS ALWAYS WORTH RETURNING Phones – 38% Clothing – 38% TVs – 37% Computers – 37% Clothing accessories – 31%

TOP 5 ITEMS NEVER WORTH RETURNING Intimates – 25% Groceries – 25% Clothing accessories – 24% Beverages – 23% Phones – 22%

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