Hacking My Unpaid Maternity Leave

The U.S still does not mandate maternity leave, which leaves many women forced to take unpaid maternity leave when they have a child.  Here is how I am planning on mitigating the “damage” of my unpaid maternity leave. 

Maternity Fund

I originally wanted to “cash-flow” this maternity leave by saving up a separate “maternity fund.” But I may have to not only deep into our emergency fund but also possibly go into credit card debt as well. We saved as much as we can and put it into a "maternity fund".

2ndHand Stuff

Since this is my third kid, I did not need to buy any major baby purchases. I already have a stroller, crib, and car seat. So hurray for that! I also have a plethora of baby toys, cloth diapers, blankets, clothes, etc., so my baby expenses will be very low.

Make as much extra money as we can

We have been putting away as much as we can to save, so at least we will have a small amount put away. Unfortunately, as I said, it’s not nearly what we were hoping for.


I signed up for every single freebie available to me. I set up a Baby Registry at Target and Walmart to get the free welcome bag. I signed up for all the other baby sites that offer any freebies. Although these freebies aren’t going to make me rich or even make a huge dent in my needs, I did get some nice things.

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