Great Indoor Snow Day Fun for Kids

Build Blanket Forts

Blanket forts are one of the best frugal snow day activities for kids. Not only does building and playing in a blanket fort help keep your kids busy and out of trouble

Have a Movie Day

One great way to keep the kids calm and snuggled up under nice warm blankets is to have a movie day.

Dig Out the Arts and Crafts Box

There’s nothing like letting out some creativity to keep kids busy. So grab your art supplies, coloring books, and extra school supplies and set the kids to lose to get creative and see what they can make.

Play Dress Up

Set out some old clothes, Halloween costumes, and fun jewelry to let the kids have fun playing dress-up for a while. If you have some old makeup running around, they would love to play with that for a time to help keep them busy.

Want all 10  fun indoor snow day activities?

Squiggly Line

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