Gobble Up Savings: How To Host A Thanksgiving Dinner On A Shoestring Budget

Looking forward to a big Thanksgiving Day feast with your family and friends but nervous about the cost? Here are some ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on a tight budget. 

Here are some ways to may Thanksgiving on a budget!

Serve Soup

Starting a meal with a nice soup is an excellent way to fill up on something cheap and festive.

Serve Bread And Dips

A yummy (homemade) bread or rolls is a good, filling way to start the meal.  A simple tahini or hummus dip (can be homemade) to dip the bread in will get the meal started.

Lighten Up The Sides

Many traditional side dishes are based on pretty cheap items- sweet potatoes, potatoes, stuffing, etc. Cut down on the margarine, butter, salt, and oil to make the vegetables less heavy.

Cut Down On Drinks

Soda, punch, and juice all cost money and will quickly drive your bill up! Consider serving water or homemade lemonade, or sumac juice to reduce costs and make your meal a little healthier.

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