Give Yourself the Gift of TIME

We all work hard. We all deserve some self-care. Recently there has been an increase in conversations regarding “self-care” and how everyone, especially women and mothers, HAVE to make time for self-care. 

The Greatness of Doing NOTHING

Realizing That it is Not Always About Doing Something


There are so many ways to “do self-care” that are cheap or free. You can take baths. You can exercise, drink a yummy coffee, hang out with friends (here are some ideas for a girl’s day out), watch a movie, etc. I feel like sometimes I am bombarded with this. Take an exercise class! By that drink! Eat that chocolate!


Sometimes I feel like there are moments when I feel stressed out about the self-care that I haven’t done. Have I taken care of myself today? Am I prioritizing myself? I MUST go exercise, and I MUST find a friend to have coffee with. It’s almost become another thing on my to-do list.

Is it for me?

I honestly couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do. There was nothing I wanted to do for ME. There was nothing that would make me feel good and taken care of. And then it was as if a light bulb hit. I DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING.

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