Ghost Kitchens: All You Need To Know About The Trend

What are ‘ghost kitchens’? People are increasingly curious about this fast-growing trend disrupting the food industry.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are basically restaurants that don’t do dine-in. Instead, these eateries take customers’ orders online and only serve food via delivery or takeout. 

The Growing Appeal Of Ghost Kitchen

Several factors make ghost kitchens appealing to food businesses. Firstly, they’re much cheaper to set up and run than traditional restaurants. 

Incubator Ghost Restaurants

These are typically startups that partner with an existing restaurant or foodservice business that provides them with space, equipment, and sometimes even staff. 

Entrepreneur Ghost Restaurants 

As the name suggests, these are businesses started by entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in the ghost kitchen industry. They are also known as “shared kitchens” or “commissary kitchens.” 

Kitchen Pods

These are self-contained units that can be placed anywhere. They come equipped with everything a restaurant needs to operate, from cooking equipment to ventilation and refrigeration.  

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