Get Your Car Spring Ready with This Car Care Checklist!

Nothing is better than taking the whole family or a group of friends on an iconic road trip. Get your car road trip ready with these spring car care tips!  

1. Wash Car to Get rid of Snow, Salt, and Dirt

The first hot and sunny day of spring is a great day to do a giant car wash and scrub the car down. 

2. Get New Wiper Blades After Tha Long Winter

You don’t want to be stuck in a sudden spring shower with wiper blades that are less than optimal. Now is an excellent time to replace them and make sure they are working well. 

4. Take Off Snow Tire

3. Check Tires and Replace if Necessary

5. Check And Refill All Fluid

While you always need to make sure your fluids are topped up and doing well, spring is the perfect time to check all fluids and replace oil if required. 

6. Clean Interior to Get Rid of Dirt and Snow

Take some time and vacuum and shampoo your carpets and interiors to clean out everything from winter. 

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